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You Can Help the Hungry

During November and December, the Deacons are collecting donations in order to provide holiday assistance for families in need. Put your donation in a clearly labeled envelope in the collection plate or give it to one of the Deacon Treasurers, Matt Adler and Michele Kish. If you know someone who would benefit from holiday food assistance, please give the name and contact information to Sharon Carver or to Pastor Dave.

Elders Adam Simcox and Steve Lignos have supported the Deacon Ministries by building a New Food Cupboard with expanded space for storing a broader range of items, including toiletries and bagged meals. This has proven to be a much needed resource to our community on a year-round basis, but is even more so during the holidays. To that end, the Deacons will be sponsoring a Harvest Offering in November, which will be an opportunity for the congregation to contribute to the Food Cupboard at a time of heightened need.

Please Pray For ...

The Deacons as we strive to "teach charity, encourage compassion, and direct the people's help to everyone within and beyond the community of faith." We appreciate your support and welcome your ideas and feedback!