Pre-school Program

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The CHCP has class three mornings a week (M,T,W) from 9:30am-12:30pm. The CHCP offers a preschool class and a pre-k class, addressing the needs of preschoolers and pre-kindergarten children.

The curriculum includes developmentally appropriate emphasis on independence and responsibility, listening and following directions, peer interactions, basic concepts of letters, numbers, colors, shapes, and seasons as well as motor skills. Stories include excellent children's books on a wide range of topics, as well as Bible stories written at a preschool level.

Our Facility

The large classrooms are sub-divided into several project areas, learning centers, library and circle time area. Bathrooms are located close to the classrooms.

The Staff

  • Cheri Mack- Director/ Pre-K teacher
  • Amanda Hughes- Preschool teacher
  • Kristen McHugh- Classroom aide
  • Zorica Popovic- Classroom support
  • Angela Bauer-Robinson- Classroom support

Our Teachers

The teachers use a wide variety of methods including whole group, small group, and individual activities, with opportunities for children to learn to follow a step by step procedure as well as to express their creative ideas. Through stories, song, and all the class room interactions, the teachers emphasize basic Christian values of love, honesty, justice, courage, respect, loyalty and hope.

Special Events

Special events are held throughout the year, enabling families to have a personal opportunity to interact with our program. The annual Christmas program and festival is a great chance to see a lively version of the first Christmas through story and songs preformed by our children. Followed with a fun festival filled with a variety of games to play, crafts to make and treats to take home. All while making the holiday moment memorable for everyone. The Family Night is held each spring and is another opportunity for families to experience what their child does at school. This event is a combination of stories, hands on activities, interactive games and crafts to make, fun snacks to eat and an all around good time for every family member of any age.