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I travel to many Early Childhood centers throughout the city, and I have found this preschool program to be one of the most unique, family-focused and welcoming environments around for this age group. From a special education background, Early Childhood centers like Crafton Heights are crucial to future development and success for all children.

Furthermore, the dedicated staff provides enrichment through creative, recycled activities within the classroom.

Lesly Sullivan, Early Intervention Teacher PPS

The dedicated staff have great attitudes and truly enjoy the work they do with the children. Their attention is spread to every single child leaving no outcasts or favorites. The hands-on approach from each of the teachers is something I find important to each child's education.

I also enjoy the having the opportunity to volunteer inside the classroom to see first hand what the children are learning and discovering each and every day. The monthly newsletter is a nice form of information which is a basic guideline of the month's activities and upcoming events.

On a personal note our son, started his first year in preschool and has changed from being slightly shy and nervous about leaving his mom or dad to basically running to the classroom to start the day with or without mom or dad beside him. Preschool has made our son more independent and outgoing.

Erin Jameson, pre-school parent