The Stewardship Team

guides the areas of financial and administrative life, including the Stewardship, Personnel Support, Audit, and Building & Grounds Committees.

  • Dani Anderson 2017
  • Glenn Mack 2018
  • Linda Piper 2017

The Mission Team

leads our efforts at caring for our neighbors near and far, including the ministries of The Open Door, Crafton Heights Community Pre-School, Congregational Life, and the Deacons and Stephen Ministries.

  • Erlina Mae Adler 2017
  • Kate Lyden 2018
  • Barb Prevost 2019
  • Ed Schrenker 2018

The Spiritual Formation Team

provides opportunities for spiritual growth for all ages, including Worship, Prayer, and Discipleship Teams and the Nominating Committee.

  • Adam Simcox 2019
  • Megan Veltman 2019

The Session

Meetings: 3rd Wednesday of each month - 7:00 p.m

  • Clerk of Session: Kate Lyden
  • President of Corporation: Erlina Mae Adler

The Deacons

Meetings: 1st Monday of each month at 7:00 p.m.

Moderator of Deacons: Gabe Kish email:

  • Arlene Donovan 2017
  • Joe Frick 2017
  • Joann Mikula 2017
  • Matt Adler 2018
  • Erin Butti 2018
  • Gabe Kish 2018
  • Beverly Johnson 2019
  • Michelle Kish 2019
  • Steve Mulkerrin 2019

Church Office (Secretary - Treva Rousseau)

Financial Secretary, Treva Rousseau

Pastor, David B. Carver

Parish Associate, Bill Gracey
412 928-0891

Choir Director/Organist, Lucas Bowman

Interim Open Door Director, Kristen Knouff

Open Door Programming Coordinator, Brad Waggoner

Open Door Intern, Marla Barrett

Childcare Coordinator, Jessica Simcox

Crafton Heights Community Preschool Director, Cheri Mack

Preschool Assistant, Erin Jameson

Preschool Aide, Kristen McHugh

Preschool Aide, Amanda Hughes

Treasurer, Glenn Mack

Youth Group Contact, Tim Salinetro

We have a prayer chain seeking to lift up the joys and concerns of God’s people. To pass along a request our “knee-mail” can be reached by sending a note to